RJS-2TH (5150125) 2-Ton Tripod Stand


This extremely mobile yet beefy tripod jack stand stabilizes up to 2 tons worth of vehicle, making it ideal for servicing heavy-duty vehicle transmissions, exhausts and engines that are raised on a two-post lift or four-post lift.

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Features & Specs RJS-2TH

  • Perfect for holding drive-train or exhaust components in position
  • Stabilizes vehicles that are raised on lifts
  • Heavy-steel construction for maximum durability
  • Quick adjust spin handle with thrust bearing
  • Hardened ACME screw for easy adjustment
  • Wide base provides maximum stability
  • Thick, rubber adjustable pad for maximum support
Holding Capacity
4,000 lbs. (1,814 kg)
Lowered Height
55″ (1,397 mm)
Maximum Height
87″ (2,210 mm)
Base Dimensions
24″ x 24″ (609 mm x 609 mm)

A ​Tall, Heavy-Duty Stand to Stabilize Raised Vehicles

The RJS-2TH 2-Ton High Tripod Jack Stand is the ideal selection for stabilizing a lifted vehicle. The extended ACME screw adjusts to heights between 55″ and 87″, while heavy-duty rubber stabilization pads keep everything stationary and scratch-free.

Without the proper tools, transmission and engine service can be difficult. In fact, removing heavy equipment from vehicles can shift the center of gravity significantly, making it nearly impossible to rely on lift points alone to provide a stable lift for your vehicle. Luckily, Ranger’s RJS-2TH high tripod stand services virtually every vehicle that can be lifted on a car lift.

Capable of hoisting up to 4,000 lbs., that extra support is crucial to keeping the right center of balance of your lifted vehicle. The tripod design is an architectural classic for a reason: it’s efficient, powerful and almost impossible to knock over.

With a pair of these stands placed under a lifted vehicle, you can actually lower the vehicle with the jack stands in place between a four-post car lift’s runways, and the stands will support the vehicle’s weight. Wheel service, engine swaps, transmission service, etc. are all a cinch. It’s amazing how one little tool, a high-reach tripod jack stand, can turn “I can’t” to “bring it on.”

Most non-specialty shops won’t touch these sorts of jobs, so a small device like this can make a huge difference in your bottom line. If you do run a specialty/transmission shop, make sure you’re servicing your vehicles with the best quality jack stands money can buy.

Do you ship to my country?

The RJS-2TH is manufactured by the biggest autmotive supplier, BendPak

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 119 × 23 × 8 cm


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