BendPak Low-Rise Scissor Lifts

Low-rise lifts are ideal for shops that want to save space and maximize service capability. These scissor lifts have the potential to be as comfortable and convenient as full-size two-post lifts and four-post lifts. Scissor lifts, however, are usually meant for low-ceiling garages. The lifts below offer ample space to work with, and many are available in drive-on and flush-mount variations.

Many scissor lifts permit full access to vehicle undercarriages, while others are primarily made for wheel service, suspension work and auto detailing. For businesses that need a lift to lift vehicles over a pit, these lifts are cost-effective lifting tools that allow techs to stand up straight in low-ceiling environments.

Thanks to our industry-leading warranty program and lower cost of lifetime lift ownership, more shops are choosing BendPak. The times you need to replace parts will be few and far between. If you have the need to do some serious lifting but don’t want to deal with tall lifts, anchor bolts and permanent, space-consuming fixtures in your garage, BendPak offers a wide variety of scissor lifts for your shop or home garage.

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