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MaxJax™ M7K

The MaxJax is CE Certified

MaxJax encourages all owners to know their equipment and to follow good safety practices when using any of our products.

Quality performance

No one in the industry has a more sophisticated and comprehensive research and quality control program than MaxJax, and our thousands of customers worldwide prove it.

Safety instructions

Detailed installation, maintenance and safety instructions accompany each MaxJax car lift.

Patent Protected

MaxJax is protected by one or more patents or claims of patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act, as codified in 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

Benefits of the MaxJax

It’s the features you get that set the MaxJax apart from the rest. Every MaxJax unit is loaded with the right features that make it the best choice when looking for a new car lift. Read through the long list of features this car lift has to offer and you’ll easily come to the conclusion that the MaxJax is no ordinary garage lift.

Clear undercar access

No other low-rise or mid-rise lift system provides more under-car clearance and unobstructed floor space than the MaxJax lifting system. Now you can easily access engine undersides, transmissions, drive-shafts, starters, differentials or anything else requiring under-car access.


A two-post car lift with built-in wheels that allows you to use the lift when you need it, then conveniently store it out of the way when not in use keeping your garage and vehicle lanes clutter-free.

Stow to go in less than 15-minutes

Internally threaded recessed drop-in anchors and quick-connect/disconnect hydraulic couplers provide for fast and simple set-up. NOTICE: Before drilling into post-tension garage floors, always consult a building engineer for determining cable locations and where to avoid drilling.

Works like magic

A cast iron gear flow divider is the heart of the MaxJax™ system, providing precisely equalized lifting. The specially designed flow divider/combiner is a positive-displacement fluid control device with precise flow division of hydraulic power from one column to the other even if load balance pressures change.

Mobile power unit cart

Our standard mobile power unit cart is small enough to be stored out of the way and features a storage area for the hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic power unit uses a dual voltage single-phase motor that requires 110-volts AC and a 25 amp breaker, or 208-230 volts AC and a 30 amp breaker. The industrial grade power cord is 6-Ft. long.

Adjustable lifting arms and stackable adapters

Increases overall arm positioning for lifting a variety of different vehicles that have Uni-body construction, OEM recommended pick-up points, or wide and/or narrow frame configurations.

Low-profile arms

Fit under the lowest compact and sport vehicles or custom motorcycles with lowered frames.

Automatic arm restraints

Each arm is equipped with durable arm restraints that automatically engage each time the lift is raised. When the lift is lowered, the gear type arm restraints automatically disengage to provide easy positioning of the lift arms.

Maintenance-free slide blocks

Rather than using roller bearings that need constant lubrication and maintenance, we use futuristic full-floating UHMW ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene load bearings that never need lubrication and last virtually the life of the lift.

Single-piece columns

We purposely manufacture the columns using single-piece construction for added strength and less fatigue under heavy load conditions.

Direct-Drive technology

By utilizing two low-pressure HVLP Direct-Drive cylinders, we've eliminated the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms most commonly found on other lift designs. HVLP Direct-Drive technology offers better reliability, smoother operation and less maintenance.

Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders

Integrated into every MaxJax™ hydraulic cylinder is a one-piece, pilot fitted, machined steel piston wrapped with specially designed, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands that virtually eliminates any fluid bypass. The micro-smooth chrome-rod is machined from high yield, ground and polished C-1045/50 micro-alloy steel and plated to a minimum of .001" diametrically, to ensure superior cylinder operation and life.

Two lifts in one

Our optional motorcycle adapter kit allows you to safely lift motorcycles, ATV's or other motorized vehicles to a comfortable working height.

Frequently asked questions

The only specialty tool required is a rotary hammer drill and 7/8” drill-bit for the drop-in anchors. If you don’t have a rotary hammer drill you can usually rent one. Other tools required will be standard wrenches.

A. Every MaxJax lift ships with all necessary anchors and bolts required for mounting the unit to your floor.

The diameter of the drop-in anchors is 7/8”. They facilitate 5/8” diameter high-strength bolts. All concrete fasteners come standard. A rotary hammer drill and 7/8” concrete bit is required for installation.

Electrical work is not necessary. The standard power unit features a dual voltage 115/208-230-volt AC, single phase motor with an industrial-grade power cord and standard household plug.

Our standard power unit will require a 20-amp breaker for 110-volt operation and a 25-amp breaker if you choose to run on 208-230-volts.

Due to current DOT and insurance laws regarding the transport of hydraulic oils ( DOT / Section 1 — Hazardous Ingredients, DOT / Section 2 — Fire and Explosion Hazards and DOT / Section 3 — Health Hazards ) hydraulic fluid is to be supplied by the end-user only and will be required for operation. MaxJax lifts are designed to operate using standard 10-weight, non-foaming, non-detergent hydraulic oil or automatic transmission fluid. This is available in virtually any automotive store.

Most residential or commercial foundations are strong enough to support a MaxJax lift. The minimum requirements is 2500-3000 PSI 4″ thick concrete. Be sure to check your floor on the possibility of it being a post tension slab. In this case contact the building architect before drilling. Visually inspect the site where the lift is to be installed and verify the concrete is in good condition and free of cracks or other defects.

Absolutely. Compared to floor jacks or jack stands, the MaxJax provides increased safety when installed and operated properly. If you’ve ever visited a service garage, dealership or fleet repair business, it’s easy to see that two-post lifts are the lifts of choice among professionals. In fact, the Automotive Lift Institute reports that out of the thousands of car lifts sold monthly, and among the many lift configurations available, two-post style lifts represent well over 63% of the market.

Let’s be clear—the MaxJax is not just a hobby lift. It too is a “real” lift. It’s built by our team of qualified engineers that not only designed the MaxJax, but also our family of full-sized lifts. We’ve got years of experience and we’ve done our math. While most car enthusiasts are talking about 4-bolt mains, our engineers are studying applied force, axial force, bending moment, center of gravity, concentrated load, deflection, deformation, distributed load, ductility, elastic limit, moment, normal strain & stress, potential energy, sheer strain, strength, yield stress, yield strain and so on.

  1. motorcycle and ATV lift adapter for servicing bikes, ATV’s or other motorized vehicles.
  2. Variable height stacking adapters accommodate light trucks and vans or SUV’s.
  3. Frame cradle pads provide an extra measure of safety when lifting light trucks and vans or SUV’s.

Yes, very easy. Simple ergonomic controls require little if any training – an up button to raise the lift, and a down lever to lower the lift. Always review the operation manually in its entirety before installing and operating the lift.

B2B – 1 year

B2C – 2 years

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Our Customers say

Works great,easy to assemble, very strong and well built. Needs a little more protection during shipping, mine was really scratched up to the point safety decals are not readable.Very pleased.
Charles W
Verified Buyer
Very good product, happy with its function, be sure to get yourself a grade 8 bolt and washer to pound in your anchors, the 4" sacrificial bolt bent immediately for me. I also had to cut the end of a bolt to tighten a hydraulic hose on the valve body , not a big deal. Lift works great after installation and price was right.
Marshall S.
Verified Buyer
Perfect !!! My Max Jax lift arrived and I just finished installing and adjusting it. I looked at other lifts but this was perfect for me and my garage. Thank you so much for such a quality lift. I just ordered additional fasteners for other locations and the oil drain caddy. Thank you again, Rick
Richard J.
Verified Buyer
Great for my shop, easy to put away and feels good to not lay on my back.
Verified Buyer