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QuickJack Car Lift Systems

QuickJack Europe offers several different Quickjack Models. LiftMotive is a division of Quickjack Europe and we ship to any destination not only in Europe, but worldwide!

It’s time for a change. It’s time for QuickJack. QuickJack car lift systems are your go-anywhere, stow-anywhere automotive lifting solution. Whether at the track or in the garage, the QuickJack helps you get your car in the air quicker and safer than traditional jacks and ramps.

With simple push-button operation, almost any car DIY enthusiast can operate the QuickJack. Simply position the platforms beneath the vehicle, line up the rubber pads and hit the button. Once the locks are in place, you’re good to go. QuickJack portable car lifts work for almost all consumer vehicles. But if you have any questions, our knowledgeable experts will be happy to help you choose the QuickJack garage lift that’s right for you.



1588kg. Capacity / Portable Lift

The 3,500-lb. capacity BL-3500SLX car lift is perfect for small-wheelbase vehicles. As the lightest model in our lineup, its frames are easy to transport in and out of the garage or wherever else you need to work. Have fun wrenching at home, and shave off seconds at the track. Great for Miatas!



2268kg. Capacity / Portable Lift

The 5,000-lb. capacity BL-5000SLX car lift is the ultimate tool for DIY’ers and race enthusiasts. It covers most vehicle types and takes up very little space. This lift is extremely versatile and surprisingly lightweight (it’s also our most popular model). Fits Porsche, Corvette, Mustang and more!



2268kg. Capacity / Portable Lift

The BL-5000EXT is an extended-length lift with jack support locations that extend 6 inches farther than our SLX models. QuickJack is the best car lift for your home garage or shop, and with the additional reach of the EXT, you’ll service more vehicles than ever. Great for light-duty trucks and SUVs.



3175kg. Capacity / Portable Lift

The BL-7000SLX is our heaviest-duty portable car and truck lift system. Reinforced upper frame rails give this lift enough strength to effortlessly raise light-duty trucks and SUVs. For higher ground-clearance vehicles, don’t forget to pick up our truck adapter set. The extra spacers will offer an additional 5″ of lifting height!



3175kg. Capacity / Portable Lift

The QuickJack BL-7000EXT is a 7,000-lb. capacity, extended-length truck lift that’s specially made for raising heavy-duty powerhouses. Its 66″ lift point reach is ideal for long-wheelbase vehicles, trucks and SUVs. It even fits under most sports cars and sedans.



2721kg. Capacity / Portable Lift

The 6,000-lb. capacity BL-6000XLT is a super-long portable car lift with one of the widest lift point spreads in the industry. For drivers of some electric cars or vehicles with exceptionally long wheelbases, these frames are the only way to go. Ideal for detailing and wheel service on EVs.

The Story

The portable car lift was designed and introduced to the market in the Summer of 2013. The global patent was applied for two months later in North America, Europe and China. The QuickJack was developed specifically to address the shortcomings that have plagued the race circuit and DIY market for decades – getting cars off the ground shouldn’t be such a chore. The QuickJack portable lifting system makes vehicle maintenance on the track and off convenient and lightning fast. The QuickJack can go anywhere and can be easily stowed in the trunk or back seat of most cars when not in use.

QuickJack™ is a division of BendPak / Ranger Products. Today, BendPak is the world’s leading producer of car lifting systems, pipe-benders and air compressors with a global commitment to never settle. All over the globe the BendPak brand is recognized as the badge of quality. That’s because for the past 50 years, we’ve been pioneering service equipment technology, marketing, and training programs, as well as operational and supply systems that are now considered the standard for the entire industry.

Quickjack Netherlands B.V. – Europe Importer

QuickJack products are made available through a network of licensed dealers. Quickjack Netherlands B.V., located in the Netherlands, is a licensed QuickJack dealer that imports and distributes the QuickJack family of products throughout Europe. As a direct European importer, Quickjack Netherlands B.V. is uniquely positioned to provide QuickJack buyers in Europe with the lowest delivered pricing and unparalleled after sales support.