BendPak Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts

Mid-rise scissor lifts are perfect for home garages with low ceilings. They’re also popular in service bays and detail shops nationwide. While some, like the MD-6XP, don’t permit access to the centerline of the vehicle, they offer exceptional comfort when performing wheel and brake service. They also permit more ergonomic body positioning when detailing wheel wells and hard-to-reach rocker panels. Others, like the MDS-6EXT, function like a higher-rising version of the P-6B low-rise pit lift. In other words, you get the same centerline access and significantly more lifting height. These lifts are popular in both homes and professional shops because of their versatility, portability and overall affordability.

Should I Buy a Mid-Rise Car Lift?

At some point, every wrencher is going to want to graduate from floor jacks and stands to a lift. For many, the main obstacle with the upgrade is coming up with enough space. While two-post lifts are popular for larger service bays, most home garages and small shops might not have the overhead room or expendable floor space. That’s when a mid-rise list is your best option. BendPak offers scissor lifts with open-center center access, as well as models designed specifically for detailing, wheel service and suspension work. No matter your needs or your budget, we have the right mid-rise lift for you.

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