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Not all car frames are built equal, and staggered lifting points can often be challenging to access! Turning the QuickJack sideways is a great way to combat these issues, but it can also leave your undercarriage partially obstructed. With a Crossbeam Adapter Set, your QuickJack can find all of your difficult lifting points with ease while leaving your undercarriage unobstructed and ready for any tricky maintenance!

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Some cars may have staggered or uneven lifting points, and many trucks might have kicked frame rails, this can sometimes make lifting your vehicle with a QuickJack challenging. The Cross beam Adapter Set can give your QuickJack some of the capabilities of a two-post lift by allowing you to position contact pads directly under even the most staggered lifting points around. Though you can easily and safely lift your car with your QuickJack placed sideways, it may obstruct your undercarriage, which can make some maintenance difficult or impossible to perform. The Crossbeam Adapter Set can reach all of your recommended lifting points while leaving your undercarriage completely free!

Cross Beam Adapter for vehicle with staggered lifting pointsThe Crossbeam Adapter Set fits securely in the lifting trays of each QuickJack frame and has a rail for special contact pads to slide along, making it simple to find the correct lifting points on any car or truck! The lower feet placed in the QuickJack trays can also slide easily along the crossbeam, which allows you to position your QuickJack frames as near or far as you want up to its 65” length. The Crossbeam Adapter Set even adds 4.75” clearance height, giving you a little extra room while you’re working underneath.

This set comes with the crossbeam adapter, two easy-slide adapter pads and two extended-length rear contact pads to match the additional height of the crossbeam. With everything you need to adapt your QuickJack to meet any situation, this set will quickly become one of the most important accessories in your garage!

What’s the difference between the Cross Beam Adapter for the BL-5000 series vs. the BL-7000 series?

The only difference between the two versions is the height of the lift adapter pads. Since the BL-7000 series lifting trays are slightly deeper than the BL-5000 series trays, we made the lift adapters slightly taller to accommodate. All other specifications are exactly the same.

Features Crossbeam Adapter

  • Reaches difficult lifting points front to rear
  • Adjustable lifting pads
  • Additional 4.75” clearance height
  • Comes with custom contact pads
  • Unobstructed undercarriage

Tech specs Crossbeam Adapter

Crossbeam length: 65” (1,651 mm)
Min. adapter height w/ BL-5000 Series: 6” (152 mm)
Min. adapter height w/ BL-7000 Series: 7” (178 mm)
Crossbeam w/ adapter height (BL-5000 Series): 4.75” (121 mm)
Crossbeam w/ adapter height (BL-7000 Series): 5” (127 mm)
Crossbeam to pad: 1.5” (38 mm)
Base pad dimensions: 4.75” x 4.75” (121 x 121 mm)
Round pad diameter: 5” (127 mm)

What’s inside?

1x Crossbeam weldment
2x Sliding base pad assemblies
2x Sliding lift pad assemblies
2x Base height adapter assemblies
2x Round lift pad adapter assemblies
The Cross beam Adapter is manufactured by the biggest autmotive supplier, BendPak

Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 172 × 20 × 17 cm

BL-5000, BL-7000


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