LiftMotive LM-2TJ Low Profile Garage Jack with Quick Lift

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LiftMotive 2-Ton Hydraulic Low Profile Garage Jack

  • 2000KG Capacity
  • 73mm minimum height
  • 615mm maximum height
  • 810mm reach
  • 44kg weight
  • Dual piston with Quick Lift

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Introducing the LiftMotive LM-2TJ low rider super-long garage floor jack, designed with a sleek profile of just 76mm. This minimal height ensures that virtually any vehicle can be serviced effortlessly, while its extended 875mm chassis reaches the factory-approved jacking points on most low ground-clearance vehicles. Consider the diverse range of vehicles you encounter daily, whether in personal ownership or professional service. Even with floor jacks marketed as “low-profile,” accessing certain race cars or sports cars can be challenging. Notably, the LM-2TJ maintains a collapsed height of only 73mm, making it one of the most versatile floor jacks ever engineered.

How the Quick Lift feature works:

When you think of “Quick Lift,” you likely envision an additional foot pedal for swiftly raising in the clearance between the jack and the vehicle.
What’s being presented now is a dual-piston system with varying diameters. This means the Quick Lift feature is integrated directly into the jack itself.
Consequently, when you operate the handle without any load, the jack will ascend three times faster.

Upon reaching a load, the smaller piston will engage to provide added strength.

Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 970 × 440 × 210 cm


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