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The QuickJack Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit turns your portable car lift into a portable motorcycle service lift. Simply slide the QuickJack frames together, rest the lightweight aluminum platform on top and secure the assembly with a single pass-through locking pin. The stylish cold-formed diamond tread platform is light, easy to transport and made from rugged TIG-welded 6061-T6 aluminum, providing maximum grip and an attractive finish.
Optional Ranger RML-1100 Motorcycle Jack NOT included

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Make QuickJack compatible with motorcycles up to 1,000 lbs.

Transform QuickJack into the perfect dual-purpose tool for your bike, and make washing, detailing and servicing chores easier and a lot more enjoyable. The Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit assembles from storage in just minutes and lifts in seconds flat. The revolutionary QuickJack is the only car lift in the world that you can take anywhere. Add our optional Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit to your order and double QuickJack’s capability. Also great for servicing lawnmowers and other equipment.

When your passion for open-air riding includes off-road as well, we offer a separate Motorcycle-ATV Lift Adapter Kit that accommodates both motorcycles and wider stance vehicles like trikes and ATVs. Whether you need to lift a 2×4, 4×4 or crossover, our Motorcycle-ATV Lift Adapter Kit gets the job done. Bring it with you off-roading or wrench from the convenience of your home garage.

Both of these optional adapter kits feature lightweight aluminum platforms combined with a front-wheel vise for fast and easy set-up. The rugged wheel vise features a heavy-duty hand crank that adjusts to fit most front wheel sizes while cushioned, treaded rubber pads grip the bike firmly. Cold-formed diamond tread platforms are made from rugged TIG-welded 6061-T6 aluminum, providing a very stable and very mobile working platform. Dual tie-down rings located right upfront provide the perfect anchor locations for tie-down and ratchet straps.

QuickJack is made to travel, so store it easily in the bed of a pickup or SUV. For cross-country or extended bike trips, you may already keep a truck alongside your group in case of emergencies. Toss the lightweight platform kit in the bed of that truck for a must-have roadside tool. Nothing will provide better peace-of-mind than having a QuickJack car lift with the motorcycle lift platform to back you up when you need it most. Better yet, when on your next road trip, use it as a trophy stand when your bike is on display.

If you own or crave the amazing QuickJack car lift, remember that you don’t need to purchase an expensive and separate motorcycle lift when it comes time to service your other toys. QuickJack offers the perfect “stow-to-go” option that perfectly complements our portable car lift.

Features Motorcycle Lift Kit

  • Cold-formed and tig-welded 6061-T6 aluminum diamond tread plate
  • Heavy-duty tie-down rings
  • Rugged steel support axle
  • Red, power-coat finish clamp with durable, treaded rubber padding (motorcycle lift only)
  • Ergonomic crank for easy, non-damaging wheel security
  • Recommended RML-1100 Motorcycle Jack sold separately

Tech specs Motorcycle Lift Kit

A – Platform length: 88″ (2,236 mm)
B – Platform width: 28.5″ (725 mm)
C – Platform height: 2.25” (57 mm)
D – Ramp length: 9.25″ (236 mm)
Max. space w/ clamp rubber pads: 8″ (203 mm)
Overall width + crank: 28.6″ (728 mm)
Overall length + clamp extension: 93″ (2,362 mm)
Motorcycle adapter specifications diagram

What’s inside?

1x Aluminum motorcycle platform
1x Motorcycle wheel vise/clamp
1x Steel support rod w/ hardware
2x Tie-down rings
The Motorcycle Lift Kit is manufactured by the biggest autmotive supplier, BendPak

Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 40 × 160 cm


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