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How to install your new QuickJack

How to use your new QuickJack

This guide will help you understand the product characteristics, it does not replace the manual.
Always read and follow the entire manual before using this product.

QuickJack™ Portable Car Jack
Setup and Operation Manual

Revision L1 (Dec 2020)

Why did I receive a hex key?

To bleed the system (skip to 8:27 on the ”how to install your new QuickJack” Video) you need to remove and install two hex bolts on the hydraulic cylinders. To do this, you need a US size 3/16 Hex key. This is the Hex key delivered with your order. 

No Hex key? Torx 30 will also fit, or grab the bolts on the outside with a plier.

How to wire your 208-240V AC Power-unit

There are two different electrical wiring color combinations, check out below how to wire yours!

Green/Yellow = Ground
Brown = L (Hot) 
Blue = N  (Neutral)

Green  = Ground
Black = L (Hot) 
White = N  (Neutral)