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The BL-7000SLX is our heaviest-duty portable car and truck lift system. Reinforced upper frame rails give this lift enough strength to effortlessly raise light-duty trucks and SUVs. For higher ground-clearance vehicles, don’t forget to pick up our truck adapter set. The extra spacers will offer an additional 5″ of lifting height!

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BL-7000SLX portable car lift system

It’s the truck owner’s delight: the Quickjack BL-7000SLX is our most powerful portable truck lift. It’s the same overall length as the BL-5000SLX, but the frames are reinforced in order to safely handle light trucks and SUVs up to 7,000 lbs. The response to this model, which has been available for several years now, is one of our best-selling portable car lift assemblies. The fact that it sits a mere 3.5″ above the ground is remarkable. It’ll lift a Ford Raptor without a problem, but it will also comfortably lift a Mini Cooper. That should give you a sense of how versatile these frames truly are.

The mobile auto repair game changes the moment QuickJack hits your floor. Despite the extra heft, the BL-7000SLX still reaches its max rise in mere seconds. Plus, an optional truck/SUV adapter kit is the perfect way to get even more rise out of high-clearance vehicles. Sound good? You’re just a few clicks away from garage heaven.

The BL-7000SLX is a 7,000-lb. capacity portable car lift that’s designed, engineered and manufactured by the same people who make traditional heavy-duty car lifts and truck lifts for professional shops and garages around the world. But like its “smaller” siblings (the BL-3500SLX and BL-5000SLX), the BL-7000SLX was born to be taken anywhere. No bolts. No wiring. Just two frames, a power source and a whole lot of mean. Throw it in a large trunk, backseat or truck bed when you need lifting power to go. Store the space-saving frame almost anywhere when it’s not in use.

Please note: the collapsed profile of the BL-7000SLX is about one-half-inch higher than the BL-3500SLX and BL-5000SLX models. This may impact your ability to use the BL-7000SLX on some low-clearance vehicles.

If you need to reach longer wheelbases than permitted by this car lift, check out the extended-length BL-7000EXT.

Features Quickjack BL-7000SLX

Automatic safety locks

Lower and upper safety locks automatically engage as the car lift frames rise. They quickly disengage with a simple flip of the lock bar. They’re like built-in, heavy-duty jack stands. (But cool.)

Zero-leak fittings

Even when the car lift frames are under a full 7,000-lb. load, the hydraulic connectors do not leak. Keep your nice garage flooring clean and oil-free.

Reinforced upper frame rails

For the BL-7000SLX, our largest-capacity QuickJack car lift system, we reinforced the upper frame rails of with box-welded steel. This significantly minimizes deflection, improving power without requiring longer frames.

Open-center design

The BL-7000SLX is all about more power with less interference. Inspired by two-post car lifts that engage vehicle frames, our open-center design offers full access to your vehicle’s wheels and undercarriage. An optional truck/SUV adapter provides even more undercarriage clearance.

Tech specs

Lifting capacity

7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)

Lowered height

A – Frame only: 3.5″ (89 mm)
B – With 2″ block: 3.75″ (95 mm)

Lifting height

C – Frame only: 18″ (457 mm)
D – With 2″ block: 18.25″ (464 mm)
E – With 3″ block: 19.25″ (489 mm)
F – Max. height: 21.25″ (540 mm)
G – With adapters: 21.25″ (540 mm)
H – With adapters + pin: 24″ (610 mm)

Lift point spread

I – Maximum: 60″ (1,524 mm)
J – Minimum: 31.5″ (800 mm)

Frame dimensions (ea.)

K – Width: 12.5″ (318 mm)
L – Length: 70″ (1,778 mm)
A – Height: 3.5″ (89 mm)
Weight: 96 lbs. (44 kg)

Other specs

Time to full rise: 30 seconds
Power unit weight: 15 lbs. (7 kg)
Total shipping weight: 242 lbs. (110 kg)

What’s inside? Quickjack BL-7000SLX

BL-7000SLX Left Frame Assembly

BL-7000SLX Right Frame Assembly

1x Hydraulic power unit with control

4x Medium rubber lift blocks (2″)

4x Tall rubber lift blocks (3″)

2x Short hydraulic hoses

2x Long hydraulic hoses

2x Frame-positioning handles

Fittings and thread tape for setup

Instruction manual


3 liters of Automatic Transmission Fluid

Air source to inflate air cylinders up to 50 PSI

Assembly tools

 Watch Setup Tutorial

Note: QuickJack is shipped in three boxes

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The Quickjack BL-7000SLX is manufactured by the biggest autmotive supplier, BendPak

Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 40 × 160 cm


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