A Fresh XPR-10XLS Installed!

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XPR-10XLS The High Rise Two Post Lift

Tall techs no longer have to strain themselves while they work. The XPR-10XLS is a high-reach symmetrical two-post lift that can be customized with an optional extension kit and/or Low-Pro™ arms.


Recently Installed

This XPR-10XLS is recently installed in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. This lift is a highly professional heavy duty piece of equipment. The customer said: ”I saw the lift on TV at many different shows like Garage Rehab, Diesel Brothers and West Coast Customs. I knew if they use, the quality must be good. ”

Quickjack Europe shipping

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Packaging and Dimensions

Our two-post lift models have also had packaging upgrades. Along with extra heavy-duty cardboard, we heat-shrink wrap each lift in super thick 3mil plastic.

The crate dimensions are:

  • Length: 4000 mm
  • Width:  600 mm
  • Height:  600 mm
  • Shipping weight: 822kg