LiftMotive LM-2800MRP Mid-Rise Frame Lift

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Experience the epitome of portable lifting convenience with the LiftMotive LM-2800MRP mid-rise scissor lift. With a 2800kg capacity, this state-of-the-art lift boasts adjustable arm assemblies, safety lock bars with multiple lock positions, and a free set of truck adapters for added versatility.  The most widely used lifting device in bodywork and damage repair shops. Connecting to 208-240V AC, this bodywork lift is easy to move around and connect to any power source in your workshop.

  • Portable Car Lift
  • 2800KG Capacity
  • Max Height 1330mm
  • 208-240V AC Hydraulic Power-unit

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208-240V AC Portable Power Unit

The durable portable hydraulic power-unit works on a 208-240V AC power-supply, at the same time it serves as a wheelkit to move the scissor lift around.
This means the lift is fully portable and can be used anywhere you want!


Automatic Engaging Safety Locks with multiple locking positions

The lift is equipped with a high quality cable engaging safety lock. The cable release wipes out the need for a pneumatic air supply.
The additional lock positioning provides technicians with the flexibility to operate at various working heights. Moreover, when engaged in tasks such as detailing or wheel service, full extension may not be the preferred option. Regardless of your preferred height, this lift ensures enhanced vehicle access without compromising on portability.

2 x 4 lift pads included

The lift is equipped 4 high and 4 low rubber lift blocks, unlike the typical flimsy rubber blocks and pads you may be familiar with, these blocks are durable, textured for improved grip, and suitable for use on nearly every type of vehicle, ensuring safety and reliability.


Adjustable support arms

With four adjustable support arms, this LM-2800MRP mid-rise lift stands out as the most robust in its category. It allows for the easy and secure execution of wheel and brake services while providing convenient access to your vehicle’s suspension. This lift is ideal for swiftly elevating vehicles and efficiently working on a variety of components.


By LiftMotive

Our name, ”Lift”Motive, speaks for itself. We have dedicated our expertise exclusively to lifts for an extensive duration. Proficient in hydraulic, electric, and mechanical systems, we possess comprehensive knowledge in the field. In contrast to many others who may not even display a phone number on their website, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. You can trust that you will consistently connect with the right person over the phone.


160% Load Test

Our car lift, designed for a max load of 2800kg, confidently handled a 4500kg forklift during testing. It proved exceptionally strong and safe, demonstrating its reliability even under extreme weight. Trust our lift to handle heavy loads with ease.



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