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The QuickJack BL-7000EXT is a 7,000-lb. capacity, extended-length truck lift that’s specially made for raising heavy-duty powerhouses. Its 66″ lift point reach is ideal for long-wheelbase vehicles, trucks and SUVs. It even fits under most sports cars and sedans.

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BL-7000EXT portable car lift system

The 7,000-lb. capacity BL-7000EXT is the safest, highest-capacity and longest-reaching portable car lift ever made. Vehicle types with lift points that stretch toward the edges of the wheelbase can finally be serviced by a fully collapsible, open-center car lift. Until the BL-7000EXT, only two-post and four-post lifts could service such vehicles. Even mid-rise lifts, while popular in many auto detailing shops and repair bays, often struggle with unique lift point spreads. Compared to other QuickJack models, the 66″ lift point reach on the BL-7000-EXT allows operator access to more trucks and SUVs than ever before.

Despite the longer, beefier construction, the BL-7000EXT car lift still reaches its max rise in approximately 30 seconds. A QuickJack truck/SUV adapter kit, sold separately, adds extra rise and convenience.

Like our lower-capacity portable car lifts (the BL-3500SLXBL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX), built-in durable urethane wheels mean the BL-7000EXT frames can be rolled around, indoors or outdoors, at your convenience. This is our heaviest model, but no bolts are required, and no special wiring is ever necessary.

The 76.5″ frames are longer than our SLX models (the same length as the BL-5000EXT), but they’re still convenient to roll and stow around the garage. An SUV or truck bed can make for perfect transportation to the track or other locations. As long as the ground is level, the assembly can be taken outdoors for use on dirt, gravel, grass, asphalt or concrete. Initial setup is fast and easy, and then it’s seconds to get from stow-to-go.

With a collapsed profile just over 3.5″, the BL-7000EXT needs no extra support crossbeams. It’s the perfect car lift for shops with little space to spare and big vehicles to service.

Extended-length car lift design

The BL-7000EXT portable car lift has been redesigned to accommodate heavy, high-clearance vehicles with long wheelbases. We’ve increased the overall frame length and lift point spread by 6”. This means the minimum lift point spread is now 6” longer, so smaller vehicles may not fit with the BL-7000EXT.

SLX minimum lift point spread: 29.5″
EXT minimum lift point spread: 35.5″

SLX maximum lift point spread: 60″
EXT maximum lift point spread: 66″

SLX overall frame length: 69″
EXT overall frame length: 76.5″ (7000EXT model only)


Reinforced upper rail

The BL-7000EXT portable car lift adds box-welded steel to the upper lifting rail, minimizing deflection and increasing lifting power.

Extended frames

These beefy frames are 76.5” long, meaning you get the utmost in safety, stability and lift point reachability. There’s never been a car lift this portable and still so powerful.

No jack stands, ever!

Donate your stands to charity. Or keep them around for memory’s sake. Self-locking safety bars are safer, easier and more effective than jack stands, and the BL-7000EXT is over-engineered to multiple safety factors beyond the rated lift capacity.

Open-center design

Nothing’s changed at the highest weight capacity. Our heaviest-duty car lift is still completely open-center and fun to use!

Tech specs

Lifting capacity

7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)

Lowered height

A – Frame only: 3.5″ (89 mm)
B – With 2″ block: 3.75″ (95 mm)

Lifting height

C – Frame only: 18″ (457 mm)
D – With 2″ block: 18.25″ (464 mm)
E – With 3″ block: 19.25″ (489 mm)
F – Max. height: 21.25″ (540 mm)
G – With adapters: 21.25″ (540 mm)
H – With adapters + pin: 24″ (610 mm)

Lift point spread

I – Maximum: 66″ (1,676 mm)
J – Minimum: 37.5″ (953 mm)

Frame dimensions (ea.)

K – Width: 12.5″ (318 mm)
L – Length: 76.5″ (1,940 mm)
A – Height: 3.5″ (89 mm)
Weight: 101 lbs. (46 kg)

Other specs

Time to full rise: 30 seconds
Power unit weight: 15 lbs. (7 kg)
Total shipping weight: 262 lbs. (119 kg)

What’s inside?

BL-7000EXT Left Frame Assembly

BL-7000EXT Right Frame Assembly

1x Hydraulic power unit with control

4x Medium rubber lift blocks (2″)

4x Tall rubber lift blocks (3″)

2x Short hydraulic hoses

2x Long hydraulic hoses

2x Frame-positioning handles

Fittings and thread tape for setup

Instruction manual


3 liters of Automatic Transmission Fluid

Air source to inflate air cylinders up to 50 PSI

Assembly tools

Note: QuickJack is shipped in three boxes


Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 40 × 160 cm


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